Hanging Around On the Hara Line


The Hara Line is right in the center of you. It is the center of our energy source. From above, upper and lower. Energy enters through top of the top of the head and rides down the electrical cord (spine) and exits through soles of feet and and palms of hands.  the point between your perineum and tip of spine. This is where the hara line is located.

The hara line is a laser-like line that aligns vertically with the physical body. Not visible to the human eye it has been said to be approximately one-third of an inch wide. It begins three and one-half feet above the crown of the head extending downward into the core of the earth, with three important points along the hara line.

Energy travels up and down this space within our bodies to give us Qi. It is our socket to life. It transports energy through the center of the body from root to crown, channeling energy through each major point along the spine.

When in balance, the hara chakra is responsible for us feeling in touch with our purpose and our potential.

It helps us to feel safe and secure in our sexuality, in our creative expression, and in our relationships with others.

When open to the flow of qi or prana, we feel little separation from ourselves and the world around us.

When this chakra is overactive, we can find ourselves feeling emotionally unbalanced, insecure, co-dependant, and lacking a sense of self-fulfillment.

Mood swings, anxiety, excessive attachment, and addictions may also appear.

On the other hand, a blocked hara chakra (or one that is underactive) can lead to an inability to express ourselves creatively, fear or judgment of pleasure, lack of motivation or energy, confusion about our purpose, apathy, or attachment issues.

As we tune into our unique needs, beliefs, and energy patterns at present, we gain a sense of how well energy is moving along the hara line through the sacral chakra and every other point.

By exploring a variety of hara chakra healing practices, we begin to balance the life force as it flows through this part of our being.

When chakras are balanced, energy flows freely and we experience a great sense of peace and equanimity.

Hanging around on the hara line is deeply therapeutic and the best part is, you can do it any time and any where.

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