Happy Lifestyle Coaching


Do you want

  • Reduction in stress

  • Reduction in pain

  • Increase in blood flow (good for the heart and brain)

  • Increase in well-being

  • Profound peace

  • Increase in immunity

  • Decrease in anxiety


Combine a healthy mind with a healthy body and you have a recipe for success. Feel better, look better and be better!




Happy Lifestyle Coaching - Online

Recharge, Renew, Reset!

Critically but compassionately self-assess your day to day behaviors. Look at:

  • Food and Alcohol consumption
  • Mobile phone daily/weekly usage rates
  • Online shopping habits
  • Frequency of Doomsday scrolling
  • Frequency of human interaction (outside of work)
  • Sleep patterns
  • Is your day structured or ad hoc?
  • Physical exercise

Once completed, review what you have found and reflect on how you are nourishing your mind, body and soul. In order to recharge, you will need to consciously decide to take some positive actions to improve how you take care of yourself. You need to recharge your personal energy in order to be able to fully commit yourself to moving forward. Declan Noone suggests some examples you may consider during this recharge step:

  • MIND 
    • limit time with technology beyond work/study.
    • acknowledge your negative emotions & thoughts.
    • create more positive emotions, inject some fun into your day. Do something that brings you joy during the day.
    • Develop a meditative practice or create a period of time each day where you can disconnect and just be. This may be a spiritual practice or playing music. Whatever works for you.
  • BODY
    • Nutrition; sleep; exercise. There is so much information out there on each of these. The key is not to jump into the deep end with all 3 straight away. Take a measured and deliberate approach. This is not a New Years Eve resolution, this is about developing a healthy lifestyle habit that meets your needs and is sustainable.
  • SOUL
    • Practice some self-compassion. We are our own harshest critics and in the current situation doing so has no benefits especially when so much is beyond your control.
    • Volunteer with a charity or other form of community group – the act of kindness is very powerful and can help reduce stress and anxiety while also giving a boost to your relationships and happiness levels.
    • Experience nature.  Escape the confines of your house every day, even for a short period, and go for a walk in nature. As humans, it is our natural setting and so engaging with nature does wonders for our mental health and well being.

This all inclusive Happy Lifestyle Coaching program is 100% online! Immerse yourself in this 6 week online learning experience. 

Come away healthy mind, body and spirit with valuable information and tools. Designed to bring your mental AND physical body to its optimal health. 

The Happy Lifestyle Coaching includes a professional, science based online 6 week program. I have teamed up with Dr. Sear's Health and Wellness Institute in providing a first rate, science based health "ramping" program. This is the program inspired by Dr. William Sear's after being in remission from treatment with stage III colon cancer. 

Included in the Healthy Lifestyle Coaching program:

Downloadable Prime-Time-Health-Pre-Assessment1 and Health Journal. Each week a new topic will be introduced. Includes an abundance of materials and fun exercises designed to give you top knowledge so that you can make the best choices for yourself.

This inclusive 6-week program includes:

Week 1 - Make Your Own Medicine 

Week 2 - Make Health Your Hobby

Week 3 - Move Waste from Your Waist

Week 4 - Live Without Pain and Inflammation

Week 5 - Discussion of all topics via Zoom or telephone

Week 6- How to Stay Positive in a Not so Positive World

Happy Lifestyle Coaching


Happy Lifestyle Coaching 6 week Program only $299.00. 


Inquire about payments annamarie@drsearscoach.com

Check out individual courses below

Make Your Own Medicine Course


Includes Make Your Own Medicine presentation, assessment, worksheet, activity and one hour of coaching.

This workshop is based on sound scientific research and a lifetime of medical expertise. Prime-Time Health is your road map to a life filled with health, happiness, and vitality. Open your internal pharmacy and begin living your best life.

Share this new gained knowledge with your friends and family, for a lifetime of good health. 

Price: $49.00


Make Health Your Hobby Course


Includes Make Health Your Hobby presentation, worksheet, activity and 1 hour of coaching.

When you invest in yourself you have more time to enjoy the things that matter most to you. In this workshop you will gain an understanding of the aging process, grazing vs. gorging, reading and understanding food labels, and learning how to make a delicious, healthy treat your family will love.

Price: $49.00


Move Waste from  Your Waist Course



Includes Move Waste from Your Waist presentation, worksheet, activity and one hour coaching.

Your waist size speaks volumes about your health. Did you know that reducing waist size reduces illnesses? In this workshop, you will learn how you can achieve optimal health by learning how to create your own moving plan that will not only reduce waist size but help reduce your blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar and more.

Price: $49.00


Live Without Pain & Inflammation Course

Includes Live Without Pain and Inflammation presentation and book, downloads, activities and two hours of coaching.

Did you know that inflammation can cause poor vision and even a stroke? Learn the causes of inflammation and what creates an inflammatory response like pain.

Create menu plans that decrease inflammation and promote energy.

Learn why laughter is the best medicine and share your best story or joke. 

Price: $49.00


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