Dental Hygiene Team at Case Western Reserve University

Case Western Reserve University Dental Research Team 2021.



I have worked in the dental field in a variety of settings in Cleveland, Ohio since 1993. Continued education opened up career choices and allowed me to work in clinic, research, sales and education. It’s been an experience and I have met a lot of interesting people from all walks of life.

Unfortunately, being a hero dental hygienist and getting the job done under any circumstance eventually led to chronic pain and stress.  I took advantage of the C19 downtime to cultivate and grow. I earned my 200 hour Yoga Teacher certification and began to study the Dao.

My studies and practices in the healing arts (Tai Chi, Yoga and Qigong) became instrumental in healing me and calming my always racing mind. Smoothing tension, stress and pain; allowing me to expand in mind, body, spirit.

Qigong practices help the body’s fascia release toxins and stagnation, cleaning the body at its cellular level. The results from this gentle practice are nothing short of miraculous physically, mentally and spiritually.

Spontaneous Qigong works to loosen up stagnation and get the blood flowing. What is spontaneous Qigong? Simply start moving and shaking. Free style. Want to have more fun? Hum, sing, play an instrument. Experience joy. Experience your cerebral spinal fluid flowing up your neck around your brain and down your spine. Infusing your body with Qi. Lovely energy and flow.

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Chronic pain, stress and a little angel led me to become a Traditional Naturopath, Tai Chi Easy Practice Leader, 200 hour Yoga teacher, Sound therapist, Reiki Master, Certified Health Coach, Qigong instructor and Ordained Minister.


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Available for groups or private in-home Qigong, Reiki and/or Sound Healing in the Northeastern Ohio area. Inquire here


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