Pain from poor ergonomics (working as a dental hygienist) limited my ability to function early in my career. Medical doctors prescribed medications that covered up pain but wiped away my personality and made me tired. During the years working as a dental hygienist I became interested in holistic health and earned certificates in herbology and naturopathy. Simultaneously, becoming a Reiki Master, Health and Fitness Coach, Tai Chi Easy Practice Leader and Ordained Minister. Being that obviously I love to learn, during the C19 downtime, I studied and earned my 200 hour Yoga Teacher certification and studied Medical Qigong.


Dental Hygiene Team at Case Western Reserve University

Dental Hygiene Research Team Case Western Reserve University. Cleveland, Ohio.


Lorain County Community College Dental Hygiene Students.


Today, I am certified to teach Qigong, Tai Chi Easy and Yoga. It is my goal to bring health and healing to those in need to help them cope, heal and find strength and peace from within to not only survive but thrive!


Coach Annamarie

Annamarie Pamphilis – Certified Health and Fitness Coach. 




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