Tai Chi Lesson

Tai Chi thought for today by Kenny Lee Burgess.


Bodhidharma taught, regardless of how hard we work, we cannot polish a stone to make a mirror.

Let me offer a story.

Lets imagine a delivery of 1000 cinderblocks needs to be hand carried through a forest up a remote hill top to build a structure.

We have ten days to get the job done.

If we work everyday, that means we only have to move 100 blocks. Each day we miss, the number increases. If we wait till the last day, they all have to be moved in a single day.

Now imagine, once the ten days pass, another 1000 blocks are delivered.
Practice is not something that begins and ends. It is 24/7. We cannot be this now and expect to be that later.

Stillness and motion are not extremes. They are interconnected and interdependent.
“Stand like a mighty mountain. Move like a great river.”

What seems to be a paradox is dark to the mind, but radiant to the heart.

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