September Qi Class Notes

Hi Qi Friends!

It was good to practice today with you all in the Westlake Community Services Center. Thank you for joining me and being a part of this Qigong/Tai Chi group. Some of you wanted notes on what we do in class so you can practice at home.

By practicing these mind, body, spirit practices you are igniting the healer within. The founder of Tai Chi Easy and the Healer Within Dr. Roger Jahnke believes that self care is health care, I agree. Dis-ease is caused by stagnation. During practice we expand and flow in all directions, cultivating energy known as Qigong.

Below you will find links and videos to most of the practices we did today. I appreciate feedback. Please leave me a comment below. Hope to see you all next week. Make sure to check out my events calendar while you are here. Stay beautiful!


  • First, we center ourselves. Root your feet into the ground. Feel the pads of your big toes with your little toe and heel, like a tripod suctioned to the earth. You are grounding. This ignites your mind, body, spirit practice as you go within to explore and expand.
  • Breathwork – breathe in through your nose and bring it down to your lower dantian (3 inches below and in from your belly button). Feel your belly fill up like a balloon, exhale through pursed or straw lips. Try to exhale longer than you inhale. Do this for several rounds. Nice and slow.
  • Open the Gates. We shake and tap and release any stagnate energy.

  •  Bend and Twist Like Bamboo -clasp hands and bring them overhead, palms up to the sky and stretch. Elongate the spine, feel your vertebrae expand as you stretch. Exhale as you turn at the waist, arms remain clasped and overhead. Inhale come center, exhale turn the other way. Repeat 7 times on each side. With hands still overhead and clasped, bend over to your right, sticking your left hip out to the left. Inhale come up, exhale bend to the left with right hip sticking out to the right.
  • Little Buddha Praying (slow but very pretty version)

  •  This simple, expertly explained video by Ann Swanson will help you learn the Tai Chi walk.

Hope this helps you all maintain a practice at home. Just remember, you can reach peace and serenity anytime: Close your eyes, exhale longer than you inhale. Breathe in through your nose light from the universe, exhale through pursed lips, joy into the earth. Feel your feet rooted into the ground if you are sitting or standing. If you are laying down, feel your body touching the earth, rooting into the earth. Strong and supported like the roots of a tree, yet flexible and bending like the highest branches in the trees. This alone will take you back to remembering your true nature. We are all one and we are all connected. May we continue to share peace, joy and love to our selves and each other.




  1. Ann Sartin

    Thank you for taking the time to post the videos. It is real helpful.
    Thank you for a wonderful class. I always feel better after class.


    • Annamarie Pamphilis

      Thank you, Ann. It was good to see your smiling face. Have a great weekend.

  2. Oksana olinek

    This is great! Just what I needed to practice at home. Much appreciated

    • Annamarie Pamphilis

      Thank you Oksana! I am glad to hear that it will help you. There are so many great videos. One of my favorite practitioners is Mimi Kuo-Deemer. Check out her videos. Enjoy!

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