Reveal Yourself as Your True Self


This Story/Poem might hit Home for those of you who have said 100% ‘Yes’ to the path of Love, Truth, and Freedom, which is an automatic ‘No’ to the path of comfort and security.


It’s a ‘Yes’ to experience yourself AS Freedom.

‘Yes’ to Feel the embodied experience of your Wholeness.

‘Yes’ to Remembering WHAT you really are, beyond personality and identity…

It is most certainly a path of stripping away all that you are not, to reveal YourSelf AS your True Essential Nature… incredibly uncomfortable at times the dismantling of the false self – ‘all that you are not’ yet indescribably worth every single TruthFilled step…

 ‘Many things I’ve let go of still have my claw marks on them.’

-David Foster Wallace

InSight Reflection;

  • What Path have I Invited my Journey in this incarnation to Be? The Path of Freedom? Truth? Love? Joy? Security? Comfort?
  • Bringing your gaze inward, allow yourself to be shown how your Life IS an expression of the Path you declare you are a ‘Yes’ to.
  • Now scan for anything incongruent or out of alignment in your Life, and find its origin within yourself.
  • Ask YourSelf, ‘Show me what seeks adjustment and shift within, and expressed in the curriculum of my Life, so I can live the Path I 100 % choose.’


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