Building Your At Home Practice


The foundation of a holistic practice includes 4 easy ways to boost your mood, energy and sense of well-being:

  1. Breathing
  2. Body Posture and Movement
  3. Self-Applied Massage
  4. Meditation


Keep it Simple: ten times, ten minutes, ten consecutive days

  1. Breathing: 2-4 breathing: breathe in for 2 counts, out for 4 counts
  2. Movement: bend side to side like a will tree. Shaking.
  3. Massage: Tapping arms, legs, hands and feet
  4. Meditation: Hug the Tree Mediation for one minute.

Then repeat these four steps. Repetition helps us learn and helps us develop habits.


Start Creating Your Routine and build on your success

  • Choose a breathing practice
  • Choose a body posture and movement practice (one or more movements, repetitions, or one form. Make up your own drills with one movement on both sides.
  • Choose a self-applied massage: hands, feet, ears, head
  • Choose a meditation


Integrate Your Practice into Your Day

  • Find a time to practice – connect to an existing routine
  • Use a timer
  • Put it in your calendar
  • Use a friend
  • Join a group
  • Lead a group
  • Start with an achievable goal
  • Learn a form but create your own practice


Five favorites

  1. Stacking Blocks body Scan: posture
  2. Arms like heavy ropes/empty coat sleeves: turning at the waist
  3. Flowing Motion: what does qigong feel like?
  4. Flying/Soaring/Stepping: studying animal movements, integrating movement
  5. Tree Meditation: cultivating stillness, rooting, grounding, and embracing sensation in the present moment.



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