The Greatest Healer is Within Us

Qigong Practices in Daily Life

Here are several easy guidelines to make these new aspects of your life most effective while keeping your interest and not taking up too much of your time:

  • Do some of these practices every day. Put them at the core of your life. Consider them as central in your day as you do rest, bathing and oral health care.
  • Keep it simple and fun. Start with less and allow more to come as it is appropriate. If this practice becomes a stressful issue in your life, it is more of a problem than it is a solution.
  • Make up your own system. Change the order. Be the inventor of your practice. All of this was made up by someone and you are the best person to make it up for you.
  • Seek guidance and support but avoid highly regimented systems whose masters and teachers infer that their way is the ‘only’ or ‘right’ way.
  • Don’t leave the comfort zone. Increase the intensity of your practice only when it feels easy to do so. Build and regenerate yourself slowly. Go too far and you will have created a reason for stopping the practice.


Pearls of wisdom and one radical possibility

By Roger Jahnke


The Pearls

  1. The greatest healer is within us.
  2. We produce the most profound medicine ever developed in human history within our own bodies.
  3. The four essential self-healing and health enhancement methods turn these medicines on.
  4. We can heal disease and enhance our vitality for free.
  5. We can transform the health cost crisis into a rebirth of self-reliance.
  6. The self-healing and health enhancement methods have hundreds of applications that can heal and empower our communities.
  7. The practice of the self-healing methods can expand our spiritual practice.
  8. Average people can teach each other to do self-healing


Wishing you all a beautiful, positive, healthy day! See you in class.


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