Tai Chi with Coach Annamarie

Like many people, over the past 15 months I have really looked inward. I have studied myself like never before. What was different? Now there was time. Time to examine the who, what and where of my life, and most importantly, the when. Lock downs and being laid off gave me plenty of time to reflect.

When am I going to be satisfied? At what point do I get to say, hey I am happy with today, this moment, when?

Someday, I told myself…some day.

If anything I learned from 2020, is oh boy, nothing is certain and we definitely don’t know what tomorrow will bring. We have all witnessed the rug being pulled from under our feet. Clambering on the ground, dizzy from the blow, leaving many of us asking, what just happened?

What happened? There are many speculations on what happened but if we fast forward to today, perhaps we can appreciate where we landed.

We now appreciate time spent together. Seeing smiling faces. Welcoming new friends and re-engaging with old. I know many have told me that they never stopped their life during the 2020 crisis. In all honesty, I tried to live a normal life but deep inside my soul I knew I was living a lie.

I missed living my authentic life.

Happy to report that life is humming again. I am back teaching Tai Chi in the Park and look forward to expanding my reach to teach as often and as many as I can.

Doing Tai Chi in a group in nature is a natural high. I just wanted to say to everyone reading this, I am grateful and thankful for you and your brave spirit for weathering the storm. Wishing you and the world in which we all live in, peace.

Namaste soldiers, namaste!




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