Preparing for Your First Coaching Session

When working with a Coach these are essential questions to ask. It will help you to articulate what it is you want to work on. These are valuable questions to ask yourself and questions a Coach may ask you:

  • What do you expect from coaching?
  • What do you need most from me today?
  • What do you need most from me during our coaching?
  • What is the biggest change you are willing to make today?
  • What are the first three things you are going to do immediately after our session today?
  • How long will you be coaching with me?
  • How much of the work will you be willing to do during our sessions?
  • What is the one thing I should not say or do with you today?
  • What is the most exciting part of working with a coach?
  • What is the scariest part of working with a coach?

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