One-On-One Coaching

Personal One-On-One Wellness Coaching Programs

The Journey Begins (1 hour)

One-on-one session to get you started on your journey to wellness.

Telephone session: $79

In-person session: $99

The Awakening (6-week program)

You will meet once per week for a 30-minute personal session with your coach and will receive via email written materials, including personal and career development programs, worksheets, and record sheets to create your own personal wellness plan and content. 

Price: $299

Synchronicity (3-month program)

You will meet every other week for a one-hour session, either in person or via Skype for your convenience. You will get more clarity about your purpose. The tangible things you see no longer matter to you. You fix your focus on the greater power of energy and intention. Content, support, and personal wellness plans are delivered conveniently to your inbox.

Price: $599

Abundance (6-month program)

This is our most comprehensive program! When adapting to a new lifestyle, consistency is key. We will dig deeper and help you through some of your biggest challenges to have you living your most abundant life ever. We will work on all areas of your life from nutrition to relationships as you attract abundance through your ideas and creations. Inspiration takes place. Your life starts to transform. You meet with your coach for an hour every other week either in person or via Skype for your convenience. 

Price: $1200

*If you pay in full for The Awakening, Synchronicity or Abundance personal coaching programs, we offer a 10% discount off the price.