A to Z to Affluence

By Deepak Chopra

A stands for All Possibilities, Abundance, Absolute.

B stands for better and best. Getting better every day with time. Go first class all the way.

C stands for charity and carefreeness. Infinite.

D for demand and supply. Dharma. Create and foresee the demand for which you have come here for.

E stands for exalting in the success of others especially your competitors.

F stands for the fact that in every failure is success.

G stands for God. God is the field of all possibilities. Relinquish your attachment to the goal. Generosity.

  1. Slip into the gap between thoughts.
  2. Have a clear intention
  3. Relinquish control
  4. Let universe handle details

H stands for happiness and humanity.

I stands for intention. Make an unchangeable decision. The universe handles the details. Be alert.

J stands for the fact not to judge.

K stands for knowledge of any kind.

L stands for love and luxury. Love yourself, love everybody. Adopt luxury as a lifestyle.

M stands for helping others make money, which helps to make money for yourself.

N stands for saying no to negativity.

O stands for opposites. One is meaningless without the other. Light, dark. Loud, quiet. Become more and more non-judgement. Opportunity, open and honest communication.

P stands for purpose in life and pure potentiality.

Q question everything. Question authority.

R is for receiving is as important as giving.

S stands for spending and service. In order to grow, it must flow.

T stands for transcendence. Timeless awareness. Develop a talent bank. Tithing-giving away money.

U stands for understanding.

V is for value and beauty.

W stands with wealth consciousness without worry.

X stand for expressing honest appreciation and thanks to all who help us.

Y stands for youthful vigor.

Z stands for zest for life. Appreciate life for all its exuberance. Power is in the present moment.

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