My Experience with a Qigong Teacher

After surviving a deadly virus early in 2020, I felt compelled to teach Tai Chi. I became a Tai Chi Easy Practice Leader in 2018 and began teaching in 2021.

Today, I teach several times per week in parks, schools, assisted living facilities and one on one. Age ranges from 5 to 95 with a variety of physical abilities and dis-abilities. I love Tai Chi, it has changed my crazy life and brought calm, patience and joy.

Recently I took a Qigong class with a specialist in Chinese Medicine. Instantly I loved the class admiring the strong and balanced forms. After several classes the teacher asked to see me after class. Instantly my mind began to wonder. Is he going to comment on my smooth moves? Is he going to ask me where I learned my mad Tai Chi skills?

At the end of class I approached him, “You wanted to talk to me?” He replied, “You’re very wobbly. Do you have a neurological condition?”

Stunned, I laughed and replied, “Yes, that’s why I do Tai Chi!”

Silly man.

I will no longer be taking the above mentioned Qigong course but I will continue my Tai Chi practice and studies.

If you suffer with pain, anxiety or stress, please join my class as we shake our jing, qi and shen at the French Creek Metro Parks in Sheffield Village, Ohio starting at 10:30am every Saturday. We start on time and breathe and shine for 45 minutes. Come prepared to enjoy yourself.

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